Drainpipes made of PVC (plastic)

Желоба водосточные RAINWAYPipe - Chief gutter element on water transport from the gutter to the intended purpose of its discharge. Also, the pipe - the main drainage, regardless of country of origin, brand, or material. Pipes carry out the main task - transporting the collected water from the roof down to the desired drainage, the drainage system, right down the drain. Supporting elements for the turns are: double box outlet and odnomuftovy challenged each other is connected to a pipe coupling, and if we need right from the funnel perpendicular to do down the drain also help coupling.

Plastic pipes, water drainage system as a whole, appeared not so long ago, but for a short period of time have become very popular in the appointment.

Advantages of pipe Rainway:

  • Made by extrusion
  • From 2015, all products are made with the best raw materials Ukrainian
  • In 2016 received ISO 9001 certified
  • Operating pipes for more than 50 years
  • Guarantee of burnout 10 years
  • Easy to transport, length 3 meters
  • Compact folded in packs., 5 and 10 pieces

Where to buy drainpipe from the warehouse:

- Warehouse located: Str. Radistov, 73, a warehouse №3

How to order the tube courier in Ukraine?

- Select a color, number and enter your information in the order form:

To view and order, click on the image:

Труба белая RAL 9003 цена

White RAL 9003

Труба коричневая RAL 8017 цена

Brown RAL 8017

Труба зелёная RAL 6009 цена

Green RAL 6009

Труба красная RAL 3004 цена

Red RAL 3004

Труба серая RAL 7040 цена

Grey RAL 7040

Труба терракотовая RAL 8004 цена

Terracotta RAL 8004


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