Gutter PVC (plastic)

PVC plastic chute price:

Gutter - the main element of any drainage system, regardless of the country of the manufacturer, brand or material. Chutes water collects, if a tray, in that they are called frequently in the construction of "tray", collected from the roofs of buildings water is transported through a chute into a drainage funnel, and a funnel into the pipe.

Plastic gutters appeared not so long ago, but for a short time became very popular.

The service life of more than 50 years!

Burn Protection 10 years (rainway rainway 130 and 90 system).

Основные характеристики
Бренд Rainway
Страна производитель Украина
Тип системы Rainway 130/100
Размер 130х3000 мм
Цвет Белый
Материал PVC
Длина 3000 мм
Сечение желоба 130 мм
RAL 9003
Дополнительные характеристики
Единиц в упаковке 10
Устойчивость к УФ-излучению да
Макс. темп. окр. среды +60 C
Мин. темп. окр. среды -40 C

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